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Alumni Update Archive- 2010
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  • John H. Malloy - Electrical Engineer - 85, a retired division head at the Naval Ordnance
    Laboratory who was an authority on nuclear weapons effects, died July 7 at Holy
    Cross Hospital in Silver Spring of complications from diabetes.

  Dr. Malloy, a Silver Spring resident for 60 years, joined the laboratory as an electrical
  engineer in 1949. He received two Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Awards for his
  work with the Polaris missile program. In 1978, he received the Navy Superior Civilian
  Service Award for his expertise inhardening fleet systems to help Navy ships
  withstand nuclear attack. He retired in 1981. John Herman Malloy, a native of
  Altoona, Pa., served in the Army in the Pacific during World War II. He attended what
  is now Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he received a bachelor's
  degree in 1948 and a master's in electrical engineering in 1949. He received a PhD in
  electrical engineering from the University of Maryland in 1970.

  His wife of 49 years, Claire Smith Malloy, died in 1999. Dr. Malloy was a member of
  St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Silver Spring, where he sang tenor in the
  choir for 30 years. Survivors include four children, John P. Malloy and Ellen Reich,
  both of Silver Spring, David E. Malloy of Rockville, and Navy Capt. James J. Malloy of
  Ellicott City; three sisters; a brother; seven grandchildren; and a great-grandson.

  • Wally Taylor. WOLAA received notice that Wally died on 16 August 2007. He was the
    manager of the Ft. Lauderdale test facility for many years. This was a complex job as
    he had to keep the facility ready to run tests, sometimes several at a time. The boats
    and crews had to work well out to sea and do complex navigation and difficult
    operations to launch and recover test vehicles. Wally was very accommodating to the
    test project leader and test party. He moved to the state of Washington upon
    retiring in the early 80's.

  • Gerard Smith. WOLAA was notified that Gerard died on 2 October 2007. He worked
    in U Department in the Mechanism Branch (FM/512).

  • Peter Altman. WOLAA was notified that Peter died in 2007; he lived in Warsaw, VA.

  • Jacob Shuster. Jacob died in 2009. He is survived by his wife Susan, who wrote the
    following note to WOLAA: “Your letter brought me a great measure of comfort. Jack
    knew that I was technologically inept and never talked about his work or showed me
    anything. Jack was a superb draftsman, and we have charming little paintings from
    him. The only thing he mentioned about his work was that the inventors liked him
    because he could understand what they wanted to indicate and could draw their
    ideas clearly. This he would say with a little self depreciating smile. He was a humble
    and modest man.”

  • Jean Craig. Betty Beebe notified WOLAA that Jean had died. Jean was a PMA team
    leader in the Personnel Department

  • Norman Rice. WOLAA was notified that Norman died on 26 January 2009. He was
    retired and living in Greenville, NC.

  • Vi Mason. Audrey Morrison, via Mary Jackson, notified WOLAA that Vi had died on 9
    July 2009. Vi was a Department Secretary at Dahlgren for many years.

  • Bob Ryland. Becky Stevens, via Mary Jackson, notified WOLAA that Bob Ryland had
    died recently. Bob was the Department Head of K, H, and E Departments before
    retiring in the early 90's. He was very well liked and respected by all. K Department
    continued to grow under Bob’s leadership and he was tasked to form H Department
    when it was created by many Branches and Divisions at both White Oak and

  • Dorothy Jean Gleason Evans. Dorothy’s niece, Kim Thompson, notified WOLAA that
    Dorothy died on 13 September 2009 at age 91. She was buried at Arlington
    Cemetery on 21 December 2009. Jean was the head of the Employees Relations
    Division in the Personnel Department and the only woman Division Head under
    Director Kranda. I remember her group being located in the arcade near the bank.
    Her group handled labor relations, retirement, etc for employees. She was from a
    large family in Kansas and began civil service working for the Post Office in her home
    town in Kansas. During WW II, she joined the Coast Guard as a seaman and a year
    later was commissioned an Ensign. During the war, she was based at several
    locations in the USA, including DC. After being released from active duty, she
    continued in the reserves, retiring as a Captain in 1978. She returned to civilian
    assignment in 1946 by serving on the staff of the chief counsel for the war crimes in
    Germany until 1949. She began employment at NOL in 1949 and retired in 1973. She
    married her husband, Captain Frederick J. Evans of the Coast Guard in 1973. They
    traveled extensively, visiting 78 countries. They also enjoyed many boat trips to the
    Keys and Great Lakes. Her husband died in 1978. She is survived by two
    stepdaughters, grandchildren, nieces, and nephew.

  • Harvey L. Waterman. Harvey died at age 94 on 26 October 2009. He lived in
    Odenton, MD. He is survived by his wife, Myrtle; three sons: Rick, Doug, and Jim; 4
    grandchildren; and a great grandson. He worked in the technical shops at NOL.

  • Elizabeth Welsh. John Renzi notified WOLAA that Elizabeth died in October 2009.
    She was the wife of Jim Welsh, who is deceased. Jim was a senior ordnance specialist
    in U11.

  • Teresa R. Sommerkamp. Teresa passed away on 12 November 2009. She was the
    wife of Charles H. Sommerkamp, Sr., who survives. Charles worked at WOL as a
    technical writer in E Department. Teresa has three children: Charles, Jr; Mary Ann
    Boyle; and John. She is survived by nine grandchildren.

  • Donald Keys. John Kelley notified WOLAA that Donald died on 21 November 2009.
    He was a senior technician in R10 (Indian Head Detachment) working for Dr.
    Hermann Haiss. Donald guided the day to day operations of the Explosives and
    Propellants Mechanical Behavior Laboratory.

  • Bernard Drimmer. Bernie died on 3 December 2008. He had retired to Boynton
    Beach, FL. He worked in the Explosive Dynamics Division at NOL and then moved to
    NAVSEA. Bernie had attended several WOLAA FL Reunions, but had noted he was
    not able to travel to our recent ones due to poor health.

  • Arlene Bowman McKeller. Arlene’s daughter informed WOLAA that Arlene had died on
    12 August 2009 at the Hamot Medical Center. She had MD but death was
    unexpected. Several years ago she moved to the Erie, PA area to be near her
    daughter and family. Arlene worked at NOL in the Product Design Division. Her
    husband, Earl, also worked at NOL.

  • Charles Dyer. Gary Burak informed WOLAA that Charley died on 1 January 2010 at
    age 84. He was a Radiation Physicist at NOL and headed the X-ray Laboratory in
    Building 70. He was very active in the NOL Rifle and Pistol Shooting Teams that were
    sponsored by NOL in the 60's and 70's. The teams competed in local and regional
    competitions in Maryland and Virginia. Charles was a graduate of the University of
    Maryland. In WW II, he served in the 101st Airborne Division and fought in the Battle
    of the Bulge. He is survived by his wife, Alice; daughter Susan; and stepdaughter
    Margaret Leps.

  • Thomas E. Adams. His daughter Jeanne Chamberlain informed WOLAA that Thomas
    had died on 5 January 2010. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, JoAnn; three
    daughters: Jeanne Chamberlin, Donna White, and Lori Hazelton; and five
    grandchildren. Tom was an EE and worked at NOL in Fire Control and Guidance
    Division for Roy Kogge. He worked on Polaris and received a Meritorious Civilian
    Service Award.

  • Ralston J. Smith. Jules died at his home in Ocean City, MD on 14 January 2010 at
    age 79. He is survived by his wife, Lee; three children: Ralston J; Laura Lee; and
    Lewis; seven grandchildren; and eight great grandchildren. Jules worked at NOL
    beginning in the late 1950's; he left NOL in the early 1960's and worked for several
    Navy defense contractors, primarily in marketing. After retirement, he sold real estate
    for a realtor in Ocean City. Editor: Jules graduated from Eastern Kentucky in the
    same class as Tony Parrent and Rose Ridgway. As many students from Eastern
    Kentucky, Dr. Black had an influence in having them come to NOL. Jules was a
    physicist and had a JPD tour in George Beyers group in U Department. That is where
    I met him. We then took graduate courses together at NOL (U. of MD) and studied
    together. Sometimes I would go to his apartment on NH Avenue to study. He lived
    there with his first wife and three young children. This memory reminded me that
    most of us who came to NOL lived in apartments until we saved enough to buy a
    house. In Jules case, the apartment was crowded with the three young children.
    Tony Parrent remembered the same sort of think at Eastern Kentucky as he studied
    with Jules at their apartment in “vets village.” Jules had served in the Air Force for 4
    years before going to college on the GI Bill. Jules and I crossed paths over the last
    50 years after not seeing each other for many years. I met him in the pentagon
    when he visited the OASN to do marketing. After I retired, I met Jules in Ocean City
    and discovered he was selling real estate. The next time I saw him he noted he had
    severe skin cancer but he was going to be OK. Last year I was pumping gas and
    heard a voice I recognized—Jules. He again had skin cancer but amazing said he had
    developed his own chemical process to treat it. This do it yourself personality was
    typical of Jules.

  • Dr. Ronald M. Culpepper. Ron died on 31 January 2010. He is survived by his wife,
    Joan; children: Cheryl Carter, Michael, and Tracey Salem; and five grandchildren. Ron
    worked in the Structures Division of the Air and Surface ME Department at NOL. He
    moved to the Advanced Planning Staff and worked on the HEL project. In the 70's he
    moved to N Department and worked in the Analysis Branch of N10. Ron and his
    family were very involved in instrumental music, and he was an active member of the
    WOL band. Tony Parrent’s memory of Ron is: Ron played bass clarinet and clarinet in
    the NOL/WOL band from before 1962 when I started directing. He was a loyal
    attendee as was his wife, Joan who played bassoon. Their son and daughter would
    occasionally join Ron and Joan to enlarge the band for special band performances
    such as for Change-of-Command and Year-end ceremonies, and for Miller Hall-based
    family -oriented picnic gatherings. Also, both Ron and Joan played in the pit
    orchestra for the "Bill's Bunch" portion of the 14-year run of the NOL Fine Arts
    Festival; were staunch members of the Greenbelt Band for many years; and, on
    occasion, played with various other groups such as the pit orchestra for the British
    Embassy Savoyards.

  • George J. Sloan, Jr. George died on Wednesday, February 10, 2010. He was
    husband of Lenora L. Sloan; father of George "Jamie" Sloan, III and Lenora "Les"
    Cruise; grandfather of George, IV, Laura, Jake, Katie, Jesse and Joey; father-in-law
    of Mary Sloan and Loy Cruise. George worked in U Department and headed the
    parachute team. They developed all the parachutes for air dropped mines and worked
    on recovery chutes for NASA’s rocket motors. George was an avid pilot and enjoyed
    discussing his flying with friends.

  • Marvin Maylack. Marvin was a senior technical writer in the Publications Branch from
    1963 to 1984. He died at his home in California on 10 March at age 87. He had
    waged a 3-year battle with pancreatic cancer. Marvin, an English graduate of the
    University of Maryland, last worked with Charlie Burton on the chaff decoy system. In
    off hours, he often entertained the staff in Publications with his skill on the piano. He
    died in hospice care and is survived by his wife Edie, his daughter Donna, and his son

  • Marie Lohr. Betty Beebe informed WOLAA that her Mother, Marie Lohr, passed away
    on 12 March 2010. Marie was 95 and living in an assisted living home. While at NOL,
    she worked in Drafting Records and retired in 1978. Betty worked at the WOL in the
    Personnel Department.

  • Ruby Lee Beach. Ruby Lee, a former resident of Highland Township, Michigan, died
    March 20, 2010, following a brief illness. She had just celebrated her 88th birthday
    earlier in the week. Mrs. Beach was born March 15, 1922, at Hyacinth, Virginia, the
    daughter of Wilton Avery and Sarah (Brann) Beauchamp. At the start of World War
    II she moved to Washington, D.C., where she worked for the U.S. Navy as a clerk in
    the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. She married November 11, 1944, Ensign
    Eugene H. Beach, a native of Highland Township, Michigan, serving at the Naval
    Ordnance Laboratory (NOL) at the Washington Navy Yard. Following the war, the
    couple lived in Highland for several years while Eugene pursued post-graduate
    studies at the University of Michigan. In 1953 they moved to Silver Spring following
    Dr. Beach’s return to work at NOL’s new facility in White Oak, Maryland. Mrs. Beach
    belonged to Woodside United Methodist Church in Silver Spring for more than 55
    years and was active in its Women’s Society. She was likewise a proud member of
    the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Northumberland County (Virginia)
    Historical Society, the Northern Neck (Virginia) Historical Society and Colonial
    Williamsburg. With her husband she enjoyed collecting antiques, travel, visits with
    family and friends in Michigan, and weekly bingo games with other seniors at a local
    McDonald’s Restaurant. Ruby Lee was preceded in death by her husband, who died
    December 9, 2007. She leaves surviving one son, Eugene H. (Lori) Beach, Jr., of
    Highland, Michigan, and three grandchildren: Joshua D. S. (Laura) Beach of Jordan,
    Minnesota; Erin Beach (Bryan) Sandford of Ames, Iowa; and Ashley Emma Beach of
    Highland, Michigan. She also eagerly awaited the birth of a great-grandchild this
    coming August.